News launches together with Norwegian Poker Championships

Online poker portal launches with a bang - live reports from the Norwegian Poker Championships

The annual Norwegian Poker Championship is not your ordinary live poker event. Where other countries have seen a dwindling interest in poker the last few years, both online and offline - this doesn't seem to apply to Norway. Interest in poker remains high, and following a recent regulatory change whereby live tournaments were legalized, provided they meet certain conditions, Norway is experiencing what might be referred to as a second poker boom.

So what better timing to launch a Norway-facing online poker portal, than just around the time of the Norwegian Poker Championships? Said and done. Online poker portal said hello to the world just days before the event started on November 24th , and promised world class live coverage of the tournament. With its live reporters on site at the Gardermoen event center, kept the world up to date with news, pictures, chip counts, live interviews and much more.

Event organizers were expecting a big turnout, and the 2000 + participants that showed up didn't let anyone down and made sure the championships were a success.

If you're interested in a comprehensive coverage of the event, do have a look in the live reporting section of (